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16 May 2005 @ 09:43 pm
Ok, so maybe I should start things off with an introduction?

This is Mega City News. A livejournal community created with the intent to inform other livejournal users of the events in The Matrix Online.

What I am looking for is the latest plot info.
- A suggestion is who the Assassin is or who created the fake agents.
- Another is to find out information on the Merovingian and if he as a Virus.

Basically information that can help determine what has been going on in Live Events and main character sightings.

Those files you find in missions you can read? It would be AWESOME if you transcribed them here. Or screen shot it, if you think it'd be easier. But I prefer transcribed to keep from having huge image posts.


Also, I am looking for people to help me run this community. I am interested in a co-mod. I am interested in a graphics maker and a layout designer.

Publication is a must! Please, please tell everyone you can about this place in order to get more information.

So thank you for coming by and please join! Post your recent news! :D