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25 May 2005 @ 12:46 am
Morpheus gave a speech yesterday. I was able to transcribe it.

Morpheus: Thank you for your support
Morpheus: This is unconscionable (Unconscionable: Without Reason)
Morpheus: Every freed mind, every Redpill, should be with us. We are working to return The One, perhaps free Him. He who saved us all. No purpose could be more sacred.
Morpheus: And yet some, it seems, value temporal rewards above this moral cause.
Morpheus: Humanity dissapoints me.
Morpheus: We are better than this.
Morpheus: You are with us, or you are within human things that have no mercy, no sympathy.
Morpheus: They only calculate risks and rewards and manipulate human beings within icy cunning.
Morpheus: And I speak not only of the Machines, but also of the Exiles who live like men and women but are only clouds of codes.
Morpheus: They do not care about us. They do not like us. They only use us.
Morpheus: Or kill us when we get in the way.
Morpheus: Look! Exiles appear now! Lupines! Defend yourselves, Redpills.
Ookami: Morpheus!
Ookami: Right now, our people are out defusing you silly bombs.
Ookami: We are here to make sure there are no more bombs.
Morpheus: I am opposed by this Lupine!
Ookami: Prepare to die Morpheus!
Morpheus: Are you with me?! (Everyone cheers, or jeers)
Ookami: If Morpheus breaks down the Matrix, we Exiles will be stuck in the Archives and you'll be stuck in a dirty cave. Nobody wants that, now do they?
Morpheus: Are you with me?! (Again, everyone cheers.. or jeers)
Morpheus: They have decided I am a threat! Will we take this?
Ookami: We're here to make sure there are no bombs!
Morpheus: I am needed elsewhere
16 May 2005 @ 09:43 pm
Ok, so maybe I should start things off with an introduction?

This is Mega City News. A livejournal community created with the intent to inform other livejournal users of the events in The Matrix Online.

What I am looking for is the latest plot info.
- A suggestion is who the Assassin is or who created the fake agents.
- Another is to find out information on the Merovingian and if he as a Virus.

Basically information that can help determine what has been going on in Live Events and main character sightings.

Those files you find in missions you can read? It would be AWESOME if you transcribed them here. Or screen shot it, if you think it'd be easier. But I prefer transcribed to keep from having huge image posts.


Also, I am looking for people to help me run this community. I am interested in a co-mod. I am interested in a graphics maker and a layout designer.

Publication is a must! Please, please tell everyone you can about this place in order to get more information.

So thank you for coming by and please join! Post your recent news! :D
16 May 2005 @ 09:00 pm
Welcome to Mega City News! :D

To start things off I want to post something from the MxO Vault

Character Migration Program Launched
Character Migration Details

Beginning today, Monday, May 16, 2005 players have the opportunity to move one character to a new server. There are some restrictions to this one-time, free character migration, so please read carefully.

Character Migration Rules
You can only move one character per account. For example, if you have a master account and a sub account, you can move one character that belongs with each account.

You have until Sunday, May 22 to request the character migration.

We cannot move a character while you’re logged on to the account, so you’ll need to log out when you submit your petition. You can log back on once your petition has been updated saying the transfer is complete. (Transfers can take up to 48 hours, but are generally done much faster.)

You cannot have an existing character on the world you want to migrate the character to. (You can delete the character from that world, but we will not be “swapping” two characters.)

Characters on normal (non-PvP) worlds can only be moved to other normal worlds.

Characters on hostile (PvP) worlds can be moved to either another hostile (PvP) world or a normal (non-PvP) world.

Characters will keep all character data and items, except for the following:
Items listed on the Marketplace at the time of transfer.

Crew and Faction information. (Crews and Factions can be re-formed as brand new groups after transfer.)

Mission progress will not carry over (although Reputation scores will).

How to Migrate Your Character

To have one of your characters migrated to another server, you’ll need to submit a petition at https://support.warnerbros.com with the following information:
Select Gameplay for the category

Select Other for the subcategory

For the title use: Requesting Transfer from

In the body type:
Your account name (what you log in with)
The name of the character you want to move
The server that character is currently on
The server you want to move the character
If you are interested in having your character moved to a new server, please get your petition in as early as possible (especially if you want the transfer done before The Hunt for Morpheus begins on Friday). As stated above, transfers may take up to 48 hours, although they are generally done much faster than that.

Source: found here